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OmegA+D Sufficiency Capsules

OmegA+D Sufficiency Capsules

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The WORLD’s ONLY “all in one” PERFECT SUPPLEMENT combining Norwegian Fish Oil and Alaskan Cod Liver Oil in order to supply the PERFECT amounts of EPA, DPA, and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids and the PERFECT synergistic amounts of Vitamins A and D.

Each 4 Capsules (Daily Adult Serving) Delivers:

  • 920 mg EPA; 720 mg DHA; 180 mg DPA
  • 4000 IU Vitamin D3
  • 1800 IU Vitamin A

*For Best results Daily Intake Should be Based on Body Weight (1 capsule/40 pounds)

Great tasting 100% Natural Citrus Flavor

Natural Triglyceride Concentrate (NO Ethyl Esters!)

Pharmaceutical Grade - Third Party Tested Contaminant and Oxidation-Free

Directions for Use

Amount: 1 capsule per 40 lbs/18 kgs of body weight
Adults: (e.g. 160 lb adult: 4 capsules/day; 200 lb adult: 5 capsules/day)
Children: (e.g. 40 lb child: 1 capsule/day; 80 lb child 2 capsules/day)

Capsules do not need to be refrigerated. Store away from direct sunlight.

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